Editing/Critiquing Service

I have been a professional editor for 17 years.  Early on I worked with publishers Broadman & Holman and Multnomah (now WaterBrook Multnomah) to help hone books written by a number of their authors, a few of whom went on to become popular fiction and nonfiction writers.

I am now offering to writers at large the same editing and critiquing services that helped launch these popular authors’ careers.

Option 1: Manuscript Critique

With this option, you get an overall review of your manuscript, including comments on your writing style, plot, pacing, character development, dialogue and setting.  This means a detailed critique for each of these areas, including each individual character – strong points and weak points – and how he/she fits into the whole of your storyline.  I will also provide an overall assessment of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and will provide recommendations about what I think needs to be changed.  Without giving line by line corrections for grammar, mechanics or style, I will point out any consistent inaccuracies that you need to pay attention to in these areas.  I do not fact check but I will tell you if something seems out of sync.  I’ll also provide my thoughts about target market and audience.  With this option, you will receive hand-written comments on your manuscript pages plus a document with my comments, usually around 10 pages.

Cost for Option 1:  $2/page.


Option 2: Line-by-Line Edit and Critique

With this option you get everything offered in Option 1 but on a more granular level, not only with comments about what needs “fixing” but also including suggestions about how you might go about it.  Plus you will get a line-by-line treatment of your entire manuscript, paying attention to style issues, grammar and construction problems, narrative inconsistencies, plot and characterization problems, and suggestions for rewriting.

Cost for Option 2:  $3.25/page.


Both options include a telephone consultation after the manuscript and comments are returned.

Generally I turn a manuscript around in about 30 days for Option 1 (Option 2 can take longer).  When you are ready to submit your manuscript, I will provide you with some formatting guidelines and we will come up with a concrete timeline so you will know what to expect.  I am always approachable and available to my clients, and look forward to working with you.