In Her Steps – Women of Courage and Valor

Literature often seems dominated by visions of masculine heroes, but the Bible gives us examples of women who can only be described as heroic and whose actions define valor.  Additionally, one doesn’t have to look far today to find many examples of women whose courage and faith empower them to make a difference in the world.

In Her Steps is a collection of stories of ancient and modern women who can only be described as heroes.  The 40 vignettes contained in the book will inspire the reader as each woman’s life is uncovered to explore the depths of her valor – choices made because of her dedication to serving the heart-concerns of God and the needs of people – often in the face of adversity or opposition but always with great courage and determination.

In Her Steps is available from the author or through  Click here for a signed copy.

Guerrilla Hostage – 810 Days in Captivity

The dramatic story of Ray Rising’s Ordeal in the Colombian Jungle

Watch these pages for news about Guerrilla Hostage!  A screenplay is in the works, and the book will be reprinted in the future.

Guerrilla Hostage is the triumphant story of one man’s faith, a family’s hope, and God’s never-ending love.  Ray Rising never gave in to despair, fear, or loneliness during his 810 days in captivity.  Instead, this missionary grew closer to his Lord.  He boldly established relationships and shared his faith with the Colombian guerrillas who held him hostage.  And he trusted God to take care of him until his release.

If you love a gripping story, experience for yourself the shadowy jungles, the overwhelming obstacles, and the ultimate triumphs of Rising’s ordeal, and learn with him how to live a life of integrity despite harsh and frightening circumstances.

“Ray Rising’s story is a compelling page-turner that will take you to the edge of your imagination with intrigue and excitement….  This spellbinding adventure, told in a suspenseful and masterful fashion by world-class journalist Denise Marie Siino, is a winner.”

—Ken Wales, veteran filmmaker and producer of the film Amazing Grace and the award-winning television series Christy.

“This book is more than a well-written and gripping adventure….  From time to time, we all experience our own imprisonments: some physical, others emotional or mental or spiritual.  As Ray sought God daily for comfort and reassurance, the Lord calmed his fears and helped him maintain a consistent Christian witness to his captors.  May it be so for all of us.” —Peter Marshall, Peter Marshall Ministries

Guerrilla Hostage is currently out of print.  Limited copies are available from the author; click here for a signed copy.  Books can also be found on Amazon Marketplace or Ebay.

A Cup of Coffee at the SoulCafe, by Leonard Sweet with Denise Marie Siino

For years Leonard Sweet tackled what ails our society – our dwindling spirituality – in his Christmas letters to friends and family-turned-spirituality newsletter to an audience of thousands, called Sweet’s SoulCafe.  Taking Sweet’s newsletter writings, Denise Marie Siino leads readers on a journey into their own souls, toward a personal destination of spiritual wholeness.

In a world filled with “spirituality” of all kinds, A Cup of Coffee at the SoulCafe will revive your soul by showing you how to stop planning the devotional life with God you desire and begin preparing for the life God has for you.  Sweet’s insight is unconventional, unafraid, and unforgettable, providing nourishing wisdom and practical instruction that can be savored and practiced for a lifetime.

A Cup of Coffee at the SoulCafe is available in some Christian bookstores through