About Denise Marie Siino
Life has its twists and turns. I did not take up journalism right away, but the desire never left me. As a student in my late-20s pursuing a degree in English at Chapman University, I worked on the college newspaper. From there I became an associated editor and writer for a couple of trade magazines, and later a contract writer for the Los Angeles Times, as well as numerous other national publications…[Read More]

Personal Mission Statement
To live in such a way as to make Jesus famous.

Personal Motto
“Walking Upright on My Knees.”© The only way I can walk uprightly before God and man is to live out my life on my knees in humble prayer.

Beliefs and Goals
It is my hope that through my journalism, readers will be informed about the world around them; and through the content and integrity of my faith-based writing, I might be used as a stepping stone on the reader’s path to a personal encounter with the one and only true and living God…[Read More]