Living Your Dash

I recently saw a short video presentation by authors Chris and Kerry Shook for their new book, “One Month to Live: 30 Days to a No-Regrets Life.”  In the video the couple talk about looking at old headstones in a cemetery, where they noticed many with only a name and birth and death dates, separated by a dash.  How did these people “live their dash”? the Shooks wondered.  Pondering this led them to write the book, asking this question:  If you only had one month to live, how would you live it?

This one question begs several others.  It implies that with only a month of life left to live, there are certain things one MUST do in order to die in peace.  This list will be different for everyone, but leaving these things undone would surely lead to regrets.  If you don’t know it already, living with regrets is a terrible thing…dying with regrets is so awful as to be unthinkable.

The ideas of living without regret and leaving a legacy are topics I have long been interested in…at least, ever since I relinquished my life totally and completely to God in April 1998.  This is not the same time as when I accepted Jesus as my Savior, which was years earlier.  But it IS when I made Jesus Lord of my life, after a lengthy period of rebellion.  Of the two dates, this second one is far more important to me.  It is then that I started to look back and wonder, what legacy have I left others – especially my children – so far?  The picture was pathetic and full of regrets.  So, with the Lord’s help, I began a journey to change it.

I am still on that journey, and will be til the day I die.  Hopefully, with no regrets.  On my headstone, I want it to be written, “She lived to make Jesus famous.”  That is the only life truly worth living.

I know what’s in my dash.  Do you know what’s in yours?  Think about it.


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