Starbucks or Bust?

Yesterday’s post about the Starbucks mocha story may have struck some people as funny.  I’m right there with you!  So the illustration probably warrants further examination.  It has been said that we are creatures of habit, and every change of habit we make is going to feel strange until we get used to the new routine.  But beyond this obvious observation, this is a discussion of how the habits we chose sometimes mask truths lying below the surface.

Without the soul searching that is intrinsic to Lent, I might never have asked myself, “Why did it bother me so much to give up that hot drink?”  I would have tagged the feelings of withdrawal as good reason to make haste to the nearest Starbucks store to satisfy some unidentified inner longing.

Ahh, that’s it.  Inner longing.  Was it for the mocha, or something closer to the core?  Science tells us that hunger is often mistaken for thirst.  So when I am craving a cheeseburger, my body is actually hankering for a drink of refreshing water.  That may be true on a physiological level, but my taste buds are salivating for the real deal!  What began to dawn on me during that first Lent is how important it is to know the difference between what I crave and what is really going on in the bowels of my being.

This kind of inward glance requires time and honesty.  And a viable answer to the questions: “Does it matter?” and, “What can this possibly have to do with faith?”

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